NiFe 48 0,30mm - Crazy Wire


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Filo resistivo in NiFe48 diametro 0,30mm. Made in UK - TCR 3100

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NiFe48 di alta qualità marca Crazy Wire
Bobina da 10 metri.

Per più informazioni sulle resistenze (più altro) e trovare la vostra coil perfetta potete visitare il sito Steam-Engine

TCR - 3100

We're aware that there is some confusion about this wire. We have been informed that many of you refer to this wire based on the FeCrAl content and not the Nickel content. 

We require total consistency and we use the Nickel content as the main descriptor for our products. 

This wire is NiFe48 because it has approx 48% Nickel content. We do this to keep consistency with the other Nickel wires - Ni80 = 80% Nickel, Ni60 = 60% Nickel, NiFe70 = 70 Nickel etc. 

We apologise if this is at odds with how others refer to this wire, but we're sure that you can see why this is the case. Please note that the detailed technical specifications can be seen below

Specification of Wire:

Diameter - 0.3mm (300 Micron - 29 AWG) -

Ohms/m - 7.49

Technical Specification:

Name Main Composition (%)
Fe - 52-53 
Si - <0.5 
Ni - 46-48 
Mn - <0.05 

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NiFe 48 0,30mm - Crazy Wire

Filo resistivo in NiFe48 diametro 0,30mm. Made in UK - TCR 3100

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